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Expecting a baby is one of life’s most thrilling experiences. Dr Kunde and his team of professional midwives are committed to ensuring that pregnancy and childbirth is a truly positive and rewarding experience for the couple, by complementing top-class medical care with sensitivity, comfort and compassion.

Couples wishing to have their baby under the care of Dr Kunde can choose to have their pregnancy care and delivery either at the Westminster Maternity Suite in St Thomas' Hospital or The Portland Hospital. Thus you have the choice of two reputed private maternity care units in London with access to world-class medical facilities.



Dr Kunde’s pregnancy care package is designed for those couples who prefer to see a consultant obstetrician for one to one care throughout pregnancy.

Dr Kunde will advise you on all aspects of your antenatal care and delivery. This will include information about all types of birth from normal deliveries through to caesarean section that will help you to make an informed choice depending on how your pregnancy is progressing.

Some mothers discover late in their pregnancy that they require a caesarean section for medical reasons. For example the baby may be in breech position and a caesarean section may be necessary for safe delivery of your baby. If you have health insurance then your delivery may be covered by your insurance.


Dr Kunde is registered as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with all major healthcare insurance companies. He accepts late bookings and would be able to deliver your baby under your medical insurance policy.
Dr Kunde works with senior and experienced midwives who will care for you in labour. The midwives will also provide continued support after delivery with breast feeding and care of your baby.



Dr Kunde will discuss pain relief in labour with you during your antenatal appointment. If you wish, Dr Kunde will arrange for you to meet a consultant anaesthetist prior to delivery to discuss epidural analgesia in labour. Mr Kunde works with a team of anaesthetists who specialise in providing pain relief in labour and you will be able to discuss your needs with one of the doctors in the team.



All babies born at the Westminster Maternity Suite and The Portland Hospital receive a full examination by a consultant neonatologist prior to discharge from the hospital. If you wish to have ongoing care for the baby privately you will have the opportunity to discuss this with the doctor.



It is important that the mother and the baby continue to get the support in the postnatal period after they are discharged home from the hospital. After discharge from the hospital you and the baby will be checked by the community midwife and the health visitor at your home. 

Dr Kunde also works with a team of professional midwives who provide postnatal care for mothers at home and support for breast feeding. If you feel the need for additional support, Dr Kunde will be able to arrange for one of these midwives to attend to your needs at home.

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Westminster Maternity Suite

Westminster Suite  Westminster Suite  Westminster Suite 

The Westminster Maternity Suite is modern private patient facility, based within the main maternity unit at London Bridge Hospital which has been consistently rated as the best performing maternity unit in London.

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