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Antenatal care

To make an appointment to see Mr Kunde at London Bridge Hospital or the Westminster Maternity Suite contact us now.

Antenatal care

Mr Kunde provides high quality antenatal care which is in keeping with the recommendation of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. Mr Kunde works closely with experienced midwives and provides a holistic antenatal care in pregnancy. The appointments are available during working hours as well as in the evenings. In addition Mr Kunde offers support over the telephone in between the scheduled appointments should the need arise.

The antenatal appointment lasts for about 30 minutes. At each visit Mr Kunde will do a thorough assessment of the mother's health and baby's wellbeing. This includes a general enquiry about any symptoms, blood pressure check, urine check, checking the weight if requested and an assessment of the baby to check the position of the baby and heart rate. An ultrasound scan is always performed to assess the baby's wellbeing. If the mother has any pre-existing medical issue that needs specialist input from a physician then referral will be made to an obstetric physician who has the expertise to treat medical conditions in pregnancy.

The frequency of antenatal visits depends on how the pregnancy is progressing and the care is tailored to suit individual requirements. The booking appointment is the first antenatal appointment. If this appointment is before 12 weeks of pregnancy then a viability scan will be offered. Blood tests are performed at booking and then at 28 weeks. You will be given information about the blood tests before taking the blood samples. Some women have the tests on the NHS if they have already attended a booking appointment and these results can be accepted to limit the costs.

 Dr Kumar Kunde


Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Subsequent appointments are offered as follows:

  • Every 4 weeks from booking appointment - 28 weeks of pregnancy

  • Every 2 week from 28 weeks - 36 weeks

  • Every week from 36 weeks until delivery

Some women travel during pregnancy for business or leisure and a fit to fly letter will be provided on request. Mr Kunde will discuss your birth plan with you at 34 weeks and a detailed plan for the delivery will be made in accordance with your wishes.

The costing of pregnancy care and delivery package depends on when the care starts and the type of delivery that the woman wishes to have.